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Monday, December 9




*FEATURED SCHOOL/DISTRICT*-Blended Learning Increases Student Achievement EuphoriaLIMITEDLisa Fetcho • Lynn Belangee *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Garth Larson - PLC 2.0: Protocols for Impact Utopia BLIMITEDGarth Larson *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Kathi Rhodus - Disciplinary Literacy in Social Studies Utopia CLIMITEDKathi Rhodus *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Monica Genta - Game Changers- Ideas that Engage and Motivate All Students Utopia AFULLMonica Genta *KEYNOTE SPEAKER* - Dave Burgess - Teaching Outside the Box Nirvana AFILLINGDave Burgess Amplify the Power of Chrome with Apps and Extensions! InnovationFULLBen Sondgeroth Functions of Behavior Schaumburg CFULLAlexsondra Hernquist Hey, Google! How’d You Do That? ImaginationFILLINGGail Stover • Leah Herold Let them Lead: Sharing Leadership as an Avenue to School and Student Success Schaumburg FLIMITEDRenee Gugel • Geri Chesner Problem Centered Teaching by Tomorrow Schaumburg BFULLCassandra Armstrong Thematic Instruction Focusing on Student Thinking Schaumburg GLIMITEDLaura Golden • Linda Mizwicki “Yes CER!”: Our C-E-R Journey Schaumburg HLIMITEDAmie Livengood • Jennifer Harrison IAR: Interpreting Math Results Schaumburg DLIMITEDLauren Lipsey Shake Up Your Fact Fluency Practice KnowledgeFILLINGJane Felling Homeless Families - Is Your District Aware of What to Do? ConnectionLIMITEDDeb Foust There’s No Crying in PD⚾ Schaumburg ELIMITEDKim Paulus STEAMing Up Literacy Schaumburg ALIMITEDStacia Dirks • Nicole Stroup Teen STEM Cafés – Exciting Teens about STEM EpiphanyLIMITEDJudith Dymond



*FEATURED SCHOOL/DISTRICT*-STEAMing to Success: Using STEAM to Improve Districtwide Culture & Climate EuphoriaLIMITEDKim Green • Jacyln Pearson *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Garth Larson - Using Assessment as Evidence Gathering When Grading for Impact Utopia BLIMITEDGarth Larson *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Kathi Rhodus - Literacy Tasks: Weaving It All Together Utopia CLIMITEDKathi Rhodus *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Monica Genta - The Rooted Classroom- Building Ridiculously Strong Relationships with Staff & Students Utopia AFULLMonica Genta *KEYNOTE SPEAKER*-Dave Burgess - Teaching Outside the Box Nirvana AFULLDave Burgess Chromebooks as Multimedia Creation Devices InnovationFULLBen Sondgeroth Data-Driven Instructional Coaching Schaumburg DFILLINGCarlissa Pokora • Carrie de la Cruz Engaging Lesson Plans through Peer Collaboration Schaumburg FLIMITEDFaith Skinner • Kayla Osbron Innovation Makers Workshop Schaumburg GLIMITEDDavid Hernandez The Secret Power of Google Slides ImaginationFILLINGGail Stover • Leah Herold Whole Brain Teaching Schaumburg EFULLSarah Meador Writing a Speech Is Like Eating a Big Mac Schaumburg HLIMITEDKat Sgiers Promoting Sense-Making and Perseverance in KnowledgeLIMITEDTerri Campos • Victoria Novy Rejuvenate Your Math Block With a Guided Math Model ConnectionFILLINGKatherine Koehler • Kelsey Scarpetta Move Your Coaching Forward Schaumburg ALIMITEDNicole Stroup • Lauren Lipsey Stressed Out? Learn about Personal Wellness through Work Life Balance Schaumburg BFULLDr. Megan Johnson IMPACT: Meeting Social/Emotional Needs of Students Schaumburg CFULLCheri Ogg • Meryl Block Using Literature to Celebrate Diversity in the Elementary Social Studies Classroom EpiphanyLIMITEDSheryl Gallaher


Tuesday, December 10




*FEATURED SCHOOL/DISTRICT*-Advisory, Enrichment & Intervention to Meet Students’ Needs EuphoriaLIMITEDJames Gay • Robert Nolting *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Greg Urbaniak - Bold School: Interactive Video and Self-Assessment Utopia CLIMITEDGreg Urbaniak • Tom Evans • Maggie Germann *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Jenni Donohoo - Fostering Mindframes: Leadership Practices that Work Utopia ALIMITEDJenni Donohoo *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Jennie Winters - The Problem Solving Progression Utopia BLIMITEDJennie Winters *KEYNOTE SPEAKER*-Greg Wolcott -Every Student Has a STORY: Do you Know it? Nirvana AFILLINGGreg Wolcott Google Productivity Tips & Tricks InnovationFILLINGNicole Zumpano Lazy?...or a Perfectionist? Schaumburg HLIMITEDKathy Green PUSH Them into THE PIT! (The Learning Pit) Schaumburg CLIMITEDStephen Oertle The Biggest Impact Starts With YOU Schaumburg BLIMITEDTess Daskas • Carrie Offerman The Real SBG: A Hybrid Model That Works EpiphanyFILLINGAlison Vrana • Charity Prose Math Workshop Model: Integrating Best Practices Schaumburg GFULLSarah Hogan After-School Enrichment and Homework Help ProsperityLIMITEDLan Eberle Engaging Reading Strategies for Differentiation Schaumburg EFULLJoy Rempert • Melissa Bak Raising Student Achievement Through Enhanced Vocabulary Instruction KnowledgeFILLINGPriscilla Dwyer Techie Mentor Texts ImaginationLIMITEDNicole Stroup Manage Your Time or Time Will Manage You Schaumburg AFULLPJ Caposey Data Driven Decisions to Promote Prosocial Behavior Schaumburg DLIMITEDSandi Johnson • Michelle Zwerling



*FEATURE SCHOOLS/DISTRICT*-Building Collective Teacher Efficacy EuphoriaLIMITEDLori Ratliff • Josh Nobilio *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Greg Urbaniak - Bold School: Direct Instruction, Worked Examples and Spaced & Mass Practice Utopia CLIMITEDGreg Urbaniak • Tom Evans • Maggie Germann *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Jenni Donohoo - PLCs: Strengthening Community and Collaboration Utopia ALIMITEDJenni Donohoo *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Jennie Winters - Formative Assessment for Student Growth Utopia BLIMITEDJennie Winters *KEYNOTE SPEAKER*-Greg Wolcott - Academic Press: The Key to Student Success Nirvana ALIMITEDGreg Wolcott Becoming a Globally Connected Classroom Schaumburg BLIMITEDRoxanne Sego Clearing a Path: Tools and Scholarships for Illinois students ConnectionLIMITEDChristopher Heintz Listening and Speaking in a Digital Age Schaumburg EFILLINGNanci Greene • Betsy Niemiec Raise Student Achievement by Lesson Planning for Engagement Schaumburg AFILLINGJill Uhlman • Ed Jodlowski Redfining the Paperless Classroom with Microsoft OneNote and Teams ImaginationLIMITEDAdam Rummelhart Student Engagement: Putting the Pieces Together Schaumburg CFILLINGAmy Schneider • Sarah O'Connell • Tami Singer Understanding Generation Z InnovationFILLINGNicole Zumpano Lights! Cameras! Fractions! Schaumburg GLIMITEDDonna Potaczek Math Overload Schaumburg HFILLINGHilarie Withrow TGIF Math Games for 6th-8th Grades KnowledgeLIMITEDJohn Felling Developing A School-Wide MTSS System Schaumburg DFILLINGAmy Taucher • Cameron Campbell The Right to Read by the End of Third Grade EpiphanyLIMITEDDave Jackson